The photographic work explores the power of imagination. The portrayed subjects in my body of work are children; they serve as symbols for clear intuition and powerful instinct. We often perceive children as innocent and naïve, but in reality one can say that children have a more intact connection to their higher self and a deeper intelligent consciousness than adults. Therefore the innocent state of mind can also be viewed as a source to unlimited insight. Children live in mythical landscapes with visions, daydreams and an inner imagination, which emerges with the outer world. Carl Jung stated that the inner and outer world spring from the same source where the barriers of time and space prove to be an illusion.

The landscapes in darkness serve as metaphors for the experience of timelessness and a dissolving of spatial boundaries. Darkness is often subject to great misunderstanding in Western cultures, because it represents a place where we are no longer able to orientate ourselves and at the same time contains the unknown. But there is a great force in darkness and the unknown - a place for our imagination to grow, which is probably the most powerful psychological resource we possess. The images act as signs pointing us by roads, into landscapes and invisible tracks into a place, which illustrates parts of the human psyche and spiritual consciousness.