Cowgirl Dreaming is a subjective journey through the landscapes of New Mexico and beauty in darkness. In darkness things can be familiar yet foreign at the same time. In 1919 Freud wrote an essay called The Uncanny. Uncanny comes from the German word Das Unheimliche, which means unhomely. Also the word can mean lack of orientation and feeling of nervousness, fear and horror. The experience of looking at the cowgirls and landscapes in darkness gave me a feeling of looking at something I knew that suddenly took on a new uncertain form. The American cowgirl is an archetypal figure symbolizing a sense of home, freedom and courage; the core pillars in American national identity. In darkness, however, the girls may seem distant and radiated danger and sensuality at the same time. They are encapsulated by a mythical darkness, a place where dreams end and dreams begin. My photographs question American national identity and how cultural symbols and myths are not firm constructions, but rather something that can suddenly appear foreign and unhomely.